Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Parental Experimenting

Well, I am sure that all and everything I am doing would go against any pediatrician's advice. I have made gripe water (anise, chamomile and ginger) to mix into every bottle. I also get a non-dairy probitotic into her with some Cod Liver Oil and Aloe. Weird, I know but there is this learning curve that you go through as a parent.
Before you become a parent - ok, let me back up. Before I became a parent there was this list of things on which I would and would not do. No pacifier, only organic formula, cloth diapers all the way and the list goes on. . . .
Well, Kadence has a very strong urge to suck. So much so that she would take double of what she should've been taking her first few weeks. Which lead to major spit up waterfalls. It was lovely. This over eating caused us to have to back off from feeding her so much and soothing her with a pacifier. Yes, I was reluctant but had to chose what was in her best interest. I still consider the pacifier to be the most confounding and frustrating tool in my arsenal but it helps her soothe when I can't soothe her and saves my sanity at times, too.
On top of the waterfalls, we had a very fussy baby who couldn't pass gas. We had her on a dairy based organic formula which seemed to be working great - outside of the miserable baby. So, we switched to a hypoallergenic non-organic formula. And we still add Mylicon, gripe water and the other things listed above in order for her to not scream for four hours straight.
We do cloth diapers throughout the day but at night we find it easier to just put on a plastic (disposable) because she will soak through a cloth (and layers of cloth) rather quickly. Again, just a sanity saver for us.
Sanity has a high value to new parents.
On that note, my KO is awake and I must go and love on her. :-) My favorite parts of the day is when she wakes!!

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