Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I'll try a real quick one as my girl cat-naps. When I am walking, I ponder and meditate on the Lord and conclude many great and wonderful things about how He is working in my life for His glory. But I never have anything to write these ideas on as I am in the woods (with a baby strapped to the front and a backpack on the back) . . .

In writing the last entry, I just wanted to point out the normalcy of the insanity new parents feel. I did feel it appropriate to censor a lot of that but also thought of a few more things that I could've added that wouldn't flow well into this blog entry.

I probably should've been quicker to share all the other revelations of the Lord's goodness and blessings in my life (before the dark stuff). Although, I know this is just the beginning of my journey into parenthood. I am unwrapping what His love means as He calls us His children and we get to call Him, Abba Father. Daddy.

I am grateful that He continues to reveal to me how insufficient I am. I have a very hard head and heart and He continually has to repeat lessons like that to me. It's quite an adjustment to have this whole other being so dependent upon me for every need - and frankly it wears me out (physically, mentally, emotionally)! But Jesus never tires of us - never wears down and always supplies our needs with grace and mercy.

Well, more later. . . got a little girl who is waking and needs me :-)
Thank you, Lord.

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