Monday, September 20, 2010

August 7, 2010 (written Sept.20 2010)

Kadence Ella Owens was born on August 7, 2010 at 9:36pm.
We rejoice and thank the Lord for her - and for her birthparents.

We received a call on Friday August 6th from b-dad saying that b-mom was having contractions but not consistently timed out. The doctor said that they would induce that following Monday if there was no change by that Monday. On Saturday, Daniel and I did some running around and got home to a late lunch. We decided while we were fixing lunch that we could call and see how b-mom and b-dad were doing. Well, during lunch we got a call from b-dad saying that they were being admitted and b-mom was 4cm.
We didn't waste anytime. We loaded up our already packed bags, took care of our mini-farm and made our way out the door towards Kennestone hospital. We stopped to pray and take a deep breath. So many emotions played in our hearts and so many thoughts rushed through our minds during the drive while we called family and friends to share in our joyous news.
We arrived at the hospital, the exact time, I can't remember but it was mid to late afternoon. B-mama and b-daddy were getting settled and working on finding a groove or rhythm to get through each contraction. B-mama hadn't had much rest since very early Friday morning and had been unable to keep any food in her stomach. Even the purple popsicle she ate some of didn't stay down very long. All the techniques we learned in the birthing class were out the window. She stated that they were great for her during the first stage of her labor. So all she could do was walk around the room with b-dad's support. And the walking only happened because the nurse encouraged it by saying, "If you just want to lay there then I think we should keep you hooked up to the monitor." Which is apparently very uncomfortable.
Daniel and I just did what we could to support and encourage them as they walked through this. I wanted so badly to do more than we were doing so I just kept praying in my head and my heart for the three of them. They had downloaded some music for this occasion. In the background we listened to the Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Band), Lauryn Hill, Eminem, Van Morrison and a few other artists over the next several hours. B-daddy's mom arrived not too far behind us which seemed to comfort them even more.
When the midwife came in to check her progress, around 7:00pm or so, we stepped out. They had decided, since she was still at 4cm to go ahead and break her water. B-mama was determined to have this little girl with as little intervention as possible. After the breaking of the water, her contractions greatly intensified and came much quicker. B-mama and b-daddy had found a rhythm and worked beautifully together. When a contraction came, she would hook her arms into the bed and they would make eye contact and he would talk her through. The three of us would sit on the sidelines and just 'cheer' them on and continue to encourage them.
The nurse came in several times to check on her and offered drugs and she would say no. But once the nurse walked out she would look at b-daddy and say 'I don't think I can do this, I want drugs'. And his words would pull her through the next few contractions.
When the midwife came back to check her around 9:00pm, she and the nurses started to pull everything together and get ready for the delivery. As private parts became not-so-private, Daniel made his way to the waiting room. Her urge to push was so strong but they needed her to wait a little bit longer. But soon they had her positioned and pushing. There I stood, at her right with b-dad at her left as she pushed. Even through this part of labor, her humor still remained. I couldn't tell you how many times she pushed but soon there was a baby resting on her belly and b-mama's eyes were as big as saucers. I was so awestruck I couldn't cry - or do much of anything - except step out of the way of the nurses. B-mama's eyes followed that beautiful baby as they went to clean her up and take care of her.
Honestly, my eyes bounced back and forth between baby and birthmama. I wanted so badly to hold onto both of them at once. As I stood between them staring at b-mama stare at our little girl, b-mama looked up at me, pointed to her and said, ' Go see your baby '. I snapped out of my awe momentarily to step back into a few steps away at the hospital bassinet. B-daddy's mom joined me as I continued to stare and get lost in the moment. I don't know how much time passed before she lovingly reminded me about my husband, who was still in the waiting room. I practically floated out there to get him.
While they took care of b-mama on the other side of the curtain, we held our little Kadence for the first time, taking pictures. Once they had b-mama taken care of, we joined them on the other side of the curtain as we awaited the move to the next floor. We gushed over baby girl and how awesome b-mama and b-daddy did during labor and delivery. We met two of b-daddy's sisters, a brother-in-law and niece that night.
B-mama was worn out but more hungry than tired. Thankfully the cafeteria had opened for the night shift. It was close to midnight by the time we got to the new room and the guys went to go get food. We ate with them and continued to gush over our little miracle. We left them to get some rest, bringing Kadence into the nursery on our way out. We left to go sleep at at Justin and Anne's house that night, if you want to call it sleep.
We were up bright and early the next day, grabbing breakfast and flowers for b-mama. We met them at the hospital and stayed with them a few minutes before we got Kadence out of the nursery. Inside, I was clawing to get her in my arms again but I wanted to connect with b-mama and b-daddy some, too. To speak of the thoughtfulness of these two, they had the opportunity to be discharged on Sunday. However, if discharged, Kadence stays in the nursery until her discharge on Monday. And we weren't allowed in the nursery. I am sure that they wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, too. But they wanted us to be with her as well.
We spent the day Sunday and Monday with them. We got the opportunity to meet b-daddy's youngest sister and dad during this time. Justin and Anne brought us lunch and met their niece - even though it was discouraged from our agency for us to not have our relatives or friends, our b-mama gave the green light.
We had spent a few hours every week with them since the end of May and the Lord cultivated a deep love for them in us. The time we got to spend with them over those days in the hospital really means so much to me, and I believe to Daniel also. The Lord used it to deepen our love for b-mama and b-daddy. We continue to pray for them and thank the Lord for them in our lives.

I am sure there are many details that I have left out as I have a limited amount of time to spend here at the computer with a six week old baby. Maybe soon, or in a few more weeks (or months), I will share more as this adventure continues to unfold daily.
I feel there is a lot I want to share about the mountains and valleys of motherhood. And I also want to continue to share with you how the Lord is working in me and in my family.
I hope, too, to be able to update you on b-mama and b-daddy. I know that they recently adopted a dog and b-mama has gone back to work but that's about it. I know they have a lot of grief and mixed emotions to work through and we will continue to leave the door open for them when they are ready to get together.