Monday, May 30, 2011

May 2011

These past few months have just been amazing as far as growth and development for Kadence.
We thought she would be crawling in April but really lost interest in moving for a few weeks - which is totally normal according to my friends/experts (other moms!). And then one day - off to the races! She is a little explorer and I am having so much fun with her at this age. I have heard from several people that it only gets better - although I am trying too hard not to dread the teenage years so soon.

It's funny, I have gone from vacuuming one or two specific areas pretty regularly to vacuuming almost the entire house daily - as she is a mover! It may sound neurotic but after finding a strange piece of fabric in her diaper - it just makes more sense to stay on top of it. Not that vacuuming everyday will prevent strange treasures in the diaper from happening but it's worth the relief is gives me. She is always going to find something that I missed. And no, I am not a dirt-a-phob or a germ-a-phob but people don't always follow our no shoe policy after walking through our yard that houses free ranging chickens (and their droppings). And it feels good to walk on a floor barefooted and not always get crunchies on the bottom of your feet. Ok, that's a little neurotic.

She has four teeth that have broken and now her 2 front teeth look like they are ready to make an appearance. Her hair is getting a little thicker and a little longer. Some mornings I get up and wonder what happened? Something changed and grew on you again last night - what was it? I still see a baby but there's this toddler that is already working her way out. It is all happening so quickly! Although four or five months ago, I would not have said that.

She is quick to smile and usually laughs pretty easily - like her daddy. She likes to talk. She loves eating chicken and fresh fruit. When I say Daddy, she looks at daddy. When I say chickens, she looks at the chickens. I swear that when she sees Doc, she says Doc (in her own language but it's very consistent). Oh, and she LOVES Savanna - the cat and has a certain noise she makes when she sees her.

I am grateful that the Lord has blessed us with our daughter. It has been quite an adjustment in my life, as I am an only child and have never had this level of attachment with anyone else. I have had close friends and I have been married for 7.5 years but waking up to something day and and day out that is completely dependent on me - it's very different. And yes, sometimes, difficult.

I am grateful to have had the experience of having to wait on the Lord for our family to grow. I am not saying that everyone doesn't wait but there is an element of control that was removed from my life with infertility. And the levels of empty that He brought me to during those waiting years really peeved me off, revealed how weak I am and how much I truly need Jesus. I am grateful because I didn't know if I would ever get to be here with my daughter. I wasn't sure that the Lord's plans for my life included parenting - even though it was something that I wanted.