Monday, January 25, 2010

Watch the Puzzle!

Here we go with fundraising efforts!!
Please check out the website below and become an intricate part of our family's history.

Check us out! Movin' right along . . .

Most of what we put on the registry, you can probably find at stores like Babies R Us, Target, Wal-Mart, etc. Since we're doing cloth diapers and opting out of certain types of toys, we just wanted to give you a better idea of our intended 'parenting style'.
To be honest - and it's perfectly ok - some people seem a little intimidated by the idea of cloth diapers. And, again with the honesty, I am extremely nervous about it myself. But I know that the overall benefits for our child and for our finances will be worth it.
Please,please keep us in your prayers as we work on grant applications and continue to wait on the Lord's timing!!
Also - be on the lookout for a new website from us!!
It's currently under construction (and prayer) and *hopefully* the site will be ready before January 29th - which is National Puzzle Day!
(Yes, a silly holiday but a great launch day for this website!)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nesting . . .

As a family, we all got together to celebrate Papa's 88th birthday yesterday. It is such a blessing to be a part of this family. We get together with no agenda and just be. While we were there, Papa wanted us to update the family on our adoption process. And we did. And afterwards, Papa prayed for us and for the rest of the family. It really touched my heart.
It's an interesting dynamic to think that we could get a call any day now about a birth mother who is pregnant or even a call saying that there's a baby for us. Or, we could be here this time next year still waiting. I don't know which one I am more nervous about to tell you the truth.
Well, these past few weeks have been a sort of purging and reorganizing of the house. Daniel says that I am nesting and upon talking to my mom-friends I think that I can agree. It just seems strange to be nesting and NOT be pregnant. Although, I don't know what that's like either :-)

I have gotten a lot of the big stuff done but there is quite a bit of little things that have been procrastinated on over the years that I am either letting go of or mounting an attack on. A lot of this is coming down to details and the focus is starting to narrow some. And frankly, I just can't live without lists, so I am working on a better way to organize my tasks and my time.

This nesting has been therapeutic in many ways. I haven't purchased anything for organizing as of yet. I have been trying to see how creative on can be in doing the best I can with what I have. Once I dig more into the details, I will probably be buying some items for filing, shelf and drawer organizers , etc. I have also let go of a lot of junk and time-wasters so maybe I can do better managing time? Two truck loads have gone to Good Will. (No, I am not ready for another yard sale!)

I thank the Lord for this inspiration and motivation.

Please remember Daniel, me our birth mother and our baby in your prayers.

And thank you for all of your love and support.