Friday, October 15, 2010

10 weeks young

A lot of changes happen to a baby in the span of ten weeks.
Kadence has almost doubled in weight. She is really filling out! Her facial features are becoming more defined. Some days I wake up and ask her "What changed about you last night?" She looks the same but something is a little different. I can't imagine the changes that go on inside of her that I can't see.
And so I wonder about these growing pains and this witching hour that is a good bit of our afternoon. My self-diagnosing is calling it colic, after a little internet (dangerous, I know)research. I feel like a bit of a dunder head for not catching it sooner. I figured the formula that we have her on, Alimentum, would prevent that from happening. But even breast-fed babies are colicy.
It's amazing that the experience of a colicy baby breathes a whole new dimension into that word - colic. You hear people say so nonchalantly that "He was a colicy baby." But I think the people who make it through those weeks and months should receive a metal - or a pat on the back. And the poor, inconsolable babies . . . just the relief of not having that pain has got to be reward enough.
So, I am questioning if these sleep issues we've had these past few weeks aren't due to the (self-diagnosed) colic. So, we will be moving into a whole new bag of tricks for this one. Maybe that's why all this unsolicited and solicited advice for sleep has not been as successful as we would have hoped?

Parents learn a lot in the span of 10 weeks . . .
like how important it is not only for baby to sleep but for mom and dad, too. So maybe another day is better ti expound upon this point.

Thank you Lord Jesus.

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