Wednesday, April 8, 2009

So blessed....We are FLOORED :-)

Weeellllll, since the yard sale, we have received an amazing gift from our parents - Paul, Rhoda, Andrea, Ron, and Teresa. Teresa, taking the lead on this idea and pulling everyone together to contribute money so that we can have new flooring!!!!!!
The generosity and love behind this gift is amazing. Really, I was satisfied with the idea of having the carpet cleaners come in and do their best - with the knowledge that the carpets are not going to look new (far from it!!). I was curious just how clean they might actually get - or if I'd still be embarrassed by my floor.
Hopefully, next week we will have people laying bamboo flooring at our house!

So much is going on and we haven't even started a home study. I've been up early, tackling the to-do lists (I live by THE LIST) and going to bed late. It's been pretty fun actually. Albeit, a little tiring. We're just trying to get up to par. We are going to check out Bethany next Thursday, April 16th, for their orientation. It'll be nice to be on the other side of the home study.

Also, I was reminded that this time last year, I was recovering from my hydrosalpinx surgery.
It's awfully disappointing when things of that magnitude don't go as planned. This is not the path I would've chosen. But I want to thank the Lord for my friends and family who have rallied around us with love and prayer and just have poured out into us - overflowing! Thank you all so much!

In Christ....

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