Tuesday, March 24, 2009


$2,169... in two days.

The Yard Sale is OVER. We still have a few items left that we're planning on listing on Craigslist, which will be in addition to the over $2,000 (!!) this past Friday and Saturday brought in.
We are grateful for all of our friends and family who came and helped. It was exhausting work but you guys made it so much fun. THANK YOU!!

I just don't have words to express the gratitude I am feeling. Thank you seems to fall short.

Thank you all who showed up early and helped us set up. Thank you all who endured the day with us, helped with money and bargaining and breaking down on Saturday. Thank you all who came and shopped! We thank the Lord for the brave people who took a chance and journeyed down our long driveway to check out what we were selling. Which, apparently, is a big risk, even for seasoned yard salers. Thank you all who donated to this yard sale which helped make it impressive to so many people. Thank you for your prayer support during this time. Thank you to those who gave gifts over and above.
The generosity that has been poured out is just a small glimpse into the Father's love for us.

Please remember us in your prayers as we continue to get ready for and go through our home study.

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  1. That is SO awesome! I'm sorry we couldn't be a part of it all. We'll make sure to make a contribution to the growth of your family soon, though. Hugs and kisses! I'm so excited things went so well!