Sunday, March 24, 2013

No baby

Just a quick update.

We went to Columbus, Ga to meet baby boy. He was in the special care unit at the hospital there. We got to feed him and love on him. Smell him. Kiss him. Pray over him.

Then the meeting with the birth father happened on Friday. And it was all downhill from there for us.

A lot if woulda', shoulda' and coulda' ....

We are trusting the Lord. This is not just about our story. O! The depth if his riches and wisdom and knowledge. How inscrutable are his ways.
He is not surprised over our grief. He has not forsaken us. We are loved with a never-stopping, never giving up, always and forever love.

May give more details later here. Just need to heal a bit more.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep 'em coming!! :-)(-:

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