Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eeets a rrrace!

I went on a woman's get away this past weekend. And there was a theme of motherhood that came across for me in various ways. It wasn't at all the overall theme of the getaway, just what the Lord had for me. So when I say the theme was 'for' me, I mean from Him. Did I mention that I forgot my Bible? Yeah, well, I did.

Good thing my uber wonderful husband bought me that iPhone I was so resistance to, otherwise, I might have to {gasp!} share! Good thing.

Otherwise I might have missed the call that came through on Sunday. The one from our adoption agency.
No, no news, they just had an emergency situation and want to know if we want to be presented. Sure! Add us to the pile.

We get another call from our agency on Tuesday saying that we are 1 of 2 families selected by this birth mother. This baby is already born and in a special care unit in a hospital in Columbus, GA. Ok.
Pray. Is this our baby, Lord?

We got a call on Wednesday. Yes, that would be today. We have been selected by the birth mom!!!

We are on a mad dash to get things ready so that we can get out the door and head to Columbus, GA to pick up our son. Tomorrow morning.

We could use prayer. He could use prayer. His birth mom, birth grandma, and birth aunt could all use prayer.

Please pray.

And I am not trying to reach into your pockets but if you are willing and able, we have had a puzzle sitting around for over a year (like the fundraiser we did for Kadence but somehow had more time to invest in while we were waiting . . .) that we want to complete for Dakota. There is a paypal link over yonder ----->.
We are hoping to get $10 for each puzzle piece. And for every piece that you buy, we will put your name, family's names, or whatever (keep it short,sweet and clean, folks) on the puzzle pieces purchased. Make sense? Well, I am a bit delirious from day and ready for bed. But still gotta pack!

But if you can't, don't fret. God's got it. If you could just pray, that'd be fantabulous, encouraging, humbling, and so very meaningful - beyond words.

In Christ,

Daniel, Vanessa and Kadence

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