Friday, September 7, 2012

We are still waiting.

As we prayed over this baby boy, we were not at peace with saying 'yes' to him being our son.

We are still waiting. Joyfully.

And to be completely honest, I never thought I would say no. I wondered how people could say no. But when you don't have a peace, you don't have a peace. But this this little boy has opened the door for conversations that we needed to have and need to have.

Please continue to pray. And please pray for this baby boy and this birth mother - and the family that the Lord has set apart for him. She is due in October and I am sure would be blessed by your prayers.


Thank you so much for your love, support and prayers.


  1. Our process is different, but we've experienced the same thing: when you don't have peace, you don't have peace. It's hard, to be sure.

  2. The peace of God is a gift of the Spirit. To have peace is to receive something supernatural and special from the Lord. :) I'll continue to pray for you and Daniel as you walk through this adoption journey with the Lord. I'm honored to walk along with you. Rhoda

    1. We're praying! Thank you for sharing the journey with us.
      Tracy, David, and girls

  3. thanks for sharing Vanessa. I can imagine it is a difficult process. Molly and i hope to one day take part in this so we appreciate hearing about your journey. May this child get placed with some other awesome family- Amen.

    (also, it was SO nice to see yall wen we were back in GA. RAD. maybe someday we'll get to spend a bit more time with yall... :)