Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There is this internal battle that wages inside of me. It is a battle for joy.
If you know me and you're reading this, you probably have wanted to call me out on this for a while.
So, I covet your prayers. And allow you to spur me on and encourage me in this battle. Yes, Christ has the victory but so many times I find myself back in this bondage.
I so love how the Lord works (well, usually....) and how He softens me and puts me in situations that make me so grateful for this season of life that He has me living . . . He has me living. Evey breath that I take is sweet reminder of how precious I am to Him. How precious His children are to Him.
It is so easy to get consumed by worry and worldliness. Too easy. It is spoon fed to us through this multimedia culture - that we would define our value through our stuff, what others think of us, what we get accomplished - or don't get accomplished - but our true value is this...
that we are so loved that we can't even grasp it - we can't wrap our brains or hearts around it . . .
that perfect God stepped down from Heaven - out of eternity to become mortal. To feel the pain that we deserve - not just the abandonment of peers or the physical anguish of floggings but the ultimate separation from our Creator. Our Creator became unmade so that we could be made. Because He loves us. He promised it from the very beginning. He loves us. This is what should define us. This is where the well of joy should spring up in our lives. In Christ.

Fumbling recklessly through this blessed life not giving enough away. . .

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