Sunday, May 30, 2010

May's Update: You Might Want to Read This One . . . .

About mid month, we received an e-mail telling of an opportunity of a baby that had just been born. We put in a request to have our profile shown to this birth mother. She picked another family, which just meant, to us, that the Lord had another baby for us. This wasn't our child. During the conversation where our caseworker told us that this particular mother had made an alternate choice, she said something to the effect of, 'if your ears have been burning, then there's a reason. I'll be in touch.'

I quickly had forgotten about this conversation, surprisingly. I have been warned how fast things can change on the adoption path, so I just tucked into the hope that this last presentation had re-ignited and moved on.

Daniel and I were in the middle of making big decisions, like whether or not I should continue my employment with the only job that I have ever enjoyed so much. We approached this with a lot of prayer, conversation and seeking of wisdom from others. Finally, I typed up my notice and turned it in to my boss on May 24th. I thought my heart would beat right out of my chest as I handed her the envelope around 445/500pm. It was an emotional moment for us both.

After she left, it took me a moment to refocus and get back to work. When my phone rang moments later, I was going to let it go to voicemail, since that is what I typically do at work. I thought the number was from my auto insurance company since we had just changed our direct deposit.
But for some reason, I answered it. And this is the gist of the conversation:
Melinda: Hi Vanessa, this is Melinda from Bethany.
Me: Oh, hi. How are you?
Melinda: Great! I was trying to reach Daniel. Are you at home?
Me: No, I am at work.
Melinda: Still?
Me: Yes. I close this place down at 6pm.
Melinda: Well, I was hoping to get you and Daniel on a conference call tonight. Can you get a hold of him?
Me: (my heart is back to beating out of my chest, yet i am trying to maintain composure) Yea, I can try. I'll have him call you and you guys can call me. I'll keep my phone close by.
Melinda: ok, I'll look forward to hearing from you.

Ok, so I couldn't get her singing tone into that typed dialogue, but you get the gist. . .

I had to call Daniel a few times to get him to pick up. He must've thought I was psycho or close to death but I wasn't going to stop until he picked up that phone! We quickly got onto a conference call with Melinda and listened as she told us about the birth mother and birth father with whom we had been matched.

That was May 24th, when we received that call. We met with the birth mother and birth father this past Thursday, the 27th at Bethany. We talked with them for about 2 hours. Melinda, after the meeting, stated that she doesn't think that she laughed that hard in one of those meetings. So, I would like to think that it went well. We will be working on building a relationship with them, as the due date draws near. I wish I could share the details that have made this so incredible but also so scary - but there are just so many. I mean, if this continues down an adoption path the situation is almost too perfect. Maybe that's why it's so scary . . .

This side of the story makes me think - why would she have made an adoption plan? While the other side of the story says, I could see where this could really happen . . . this could be our daughter!
It's like walking a tightrope, as we continue to put our trust in our Heavenly Father and just step out. One step at a time - not focusing too hard on this side or that. . . just the Cross.

I must admit that I feel like I am trying to maintain a 'safe distance' since things can change so incredibly fast. The gift that this young woman and young man have given is beyond enormous - it is a love sacrifice. This is one of the biggest decisions that a person would have to make - to parent or to make an adoption plan.

We will be meeting with the both of them again this Thursday, the 27th. We really like them both and hope that they can become more like an extended family. Please pray for them, as he travels frequently and as she is carrying what could potentially be our baby girl. Please pray for this little one growing in her. And please pray for us.

I hope this is enough details for now. I will try and report a little more, as time allows. We do have quite a bit to do to get ready for our worlds to be turned inside out and upside down. And we're looking forward to it. . .

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