Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sitting. . . Playing . . . Waiting . . . Praying . . .

I am so excited that tomorrow we will be dropping off our family profiles to Bethany!! It was kind of fun putting it together but, towards the end, it got a little burdensome and tedious. I thank the Lord that he put Daniel's creative juices into action! It was truly a team effort.
Did I mention that I'm so excited?!

We are still waiting on a few more pieces of paperwork to make it to the Bethany Office (GBI and a reference). I pray that this will put us into 'the waiting' and none of this above listed paperwork will be an issue - especially the GBI stuff.

It seems like we've been working on all of this for the longest time - but the time has kind of flown, too.
We're ready to put some more playtime into our schedule now that all of this is done!!! Anyone game? :-)

When it is impressed upon your heart, please remember us, our baby and birth family in your prayers.

Thank you, again, for your support and prayers.

1 comment:

  1. yay. I can´t think of anything you´ve done that the GBI would know about so unless you have been doing crazy stuff in the past few years I´m sure it will come back quick and easy. I am always up for some outdoor play time so if you´re in my neck of the woods let´s go for a hike or to the beach ;)

    always holding ya´ll in my heart
    much love