Friday, May 24, 2013


On May 1, the second round of paperwork was received. Although the person that signed for it was not the birth father. So we are running the ad for 3 weeks and if that goes smoothly, we will do placement in July.
I am sure the few people who read this will need further elaboration on the lingo. Please feel free to ask. Typing on an iPhone while getting a baby to nap is a bit awkward.
But not as awkward as asking for help to pay the final costs of this adoption. At placement, we will have to pay Bethany for all their hard work.
I am no George Mueller, he was extraordinary in his faith. And me being ordinary does not negate God's goodness. So I humbly ask that if you have any ideas on how to raise money over the next few weeks, please share - or help.
I am trying to get paperwork together for adoption grants but that is a part time job in itself. And we are trying to sell puzzle pieces, like we did with Kadence.

And, as always, please keep praying.

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